Judy and Eve Pearl in Vancouver at the IMATS

A Make-Up Trade Show?

Just as there are trade shows for cars, boats, travel and just about every other industry you can imagine, there is a trade show for professional make-up artists. It is called IMATS,  International Make-Up Artists Trade Show. It is held  annually in six locations around the world, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sidney,Toronto, and here in Vancouver B.C., in the Convention Centre.

There are exhibits, demonstrations and competitions held over two days. This event gives artists and industry professionals an opportunity to network, to see what’s new, and keep up education wise.

Eve Pearl, yes, the Eve Pearl from New York who founded Eve Pearl Cosmetics, had a booth at the last show and I had the pleasure of meeting her! She was on hand working her magic on lucky women with wonderful before and after make-overs.

It always is a very busy and exciting time at the Convention Centre. I look forward to it every year!


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