Are you brushing bacteria on your face with your make-up?

Brushing Bacteria On Your Face Daily?

Are you applying bacteria all over your face along with your make-up? Well, if you are not properly cleaning your make-up brushes on a regular basis, the answer is yes. Each time you use your brush, make-up is not the only thing that your brush is picking up. Think about the oil, bacteria and dead skin cells on your skin’s surface which get’s trapped in your brush, then transferred back to your make-up, leading to all kinds of possible skin problems.

The simple solution is to clean your brushes regularly. This does not have to be a long and drawn out process. There are anti-bacterial quick drying sprays available that clean brushes in a matter of seconds due to their high alcohol content. These are very convenient to use. Just a little spray on the brush and a wipe or two on a paper towel will suffice for a daily cleanse.

For a deeper clean, you can use a conditioning shampoo that you would use for yourself that gives a nice gentle cleanse, mixed with a drop or two of tea tree oil or anti-bacterial cleanser. You can combine your mixture with a little water in a small cup or bowl and swish the brush tip in the container. If your brush has a lot of cosmetic build up on it, ex- you have used a heavy cream foundation, you can soak the brush bristles for a few seconds, longer if need be. You won’t want to leave the brush in the solution for long as water can creep up into the handle causing bristles to fall out. Rinse under running water until the water runs clean and all the make-up and cleanser is gone. If however, the brush is extremely caked with make-up and not clean after the one rinse,you can pour a little of the solution into the palm of your hand, swish the brush around in the solution in your hand and rinse again. Once the brush is clean, squeeze the excess water out of the brush between your thumb and fingers and reshape. Then lay brush out flat on a paper towel with the bristles extending over the edge.

By washing your brushes regularly you will help keep your brushes bacteria free, reduce your risk of skin infection and increase the life of your brushes!

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