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2015 open house


I am so excited to be teaming up with Taneane Twele of Taneane Twele Photography! Taneane has a passion for photography and brings years of experience and creativity to her craft. We love working together and strive to make your photo session experience enjoyable and rewarding. This is a time you can relax not only because you are being pampered, but you also have the peace of mind that we are going bring out the best you for your images. Whether you are a business woman, busy Mom or would just love some amazing images of yourself, this is the perfect session for you! This is your time to SHINE!

 Session Investment  $400
  • Session includes,
  • Styling consultation
  • Make-up consultation and application with Judy D Beauty featuring Eve Pearl Cosmetics developed by The 5 time Emmy Award winning make-up artist Eve Pearl of New York.
  • Hour and a half photo shoot with Tanaene Twele Photography
  • Multiple wardrobe changes and backdrops
  • Mounted 8×10 ready to frame
  • The rights to 6 digitally airbrushed images you can print and also use for social media, website or digital photo album.
    2015 open house

To contact Taneane Twele at ttphotography@ or 604-826-5104 to book your free consultation

Judy D Beauty Visits Best For Babies

Liz  Kahle and I at The Best For Babies Program

Liz Kahle and I at The Best For Babies Program

I have always loved the lyrics from the John Lennon and Paul McCartney song “A Little Help From My Friends”. I have been fortunate to have received help from my friends, and to this day, remain grateful for that help.

Now that a few years have passed, I find myself in the fortunate position of being able to give. When I was looking for where I may be of some help, I came across the Abbotsford Community Services Best For Babies Program. I called Liz Kahle who heads up the program. I had heard of the program, but I really had no idea how extensive their program is, until I visited them.
The Best For Babies program offers three groups. One is for Expectant Mom’s and the other is for New Mom’s. They also have a South Asian group for Expectant and New Mom’s. What do they offer? Well, they meet weekly, where everyone is greeted with a smile in a supportive environment. Liz and her support team, including a male Father support worker, is on hand to teach the expectant Mom’s and Dad’s how to have a healthy pregnancy. They are there to guide them through the joys and struggles, and answer any questions about their new baby and parenting. Monthly cooking skills sessions are held. Also monthly, a public health nurse attends to answer any questions. Breastfeeding support is available, pre-natal vitamins are provided at no cost, along with food vouchers. Baby clothing received as donations are provided. When I was there, a local maternity shop gave items, and the group was told about an upcoming event that local trendy stores were donating new items to. Liz and her team, were there to help register the Mom’s for other local community resources such as the New Beginnings School Completion Program, Food Bank, B.C.Doula’s and help with a free recreation center pass to help with enrolling in various government programs.
What happen’s during these session’s? Well, I was fortunate enough to attend three of them, as I offered three Beauty Sessions. Two of the Beauty Sessions I hosted was for the Expectant Mom’s and one was for the New Mom’s. As everyone enters the big room, with big comfy couches and chairs, there is a lot of chatting, familiarity and smiles. As everyone settles, the chairs are all arranged in a circular formation around the room. We all introduce ourselves, and this weeks topic is, what we are doing to take care of ourselves. The answers varied from bubble baths to baking. It was a great reminder to take that extra time before the baby arrives, and for the New Mom’s, to take advantage of those few moments when they can. By the time we had finished going around the circle, the lovely aroma’s of a hot lunch permeated the room. We were treated to a homemade fresh meal cooked right there. It was delicious! After lunch, we had our Beauty Session.I designed it around the theme of the two things that the New Mom’s will not have once the baby is born. That would be time and sleep! With that in mind, one of the lovely Mom’s volunteered as my model for each of our sessions. We discussed skincare and had great interactive sessions. I demonstrated how to achieve a quick and simple long lasting make-up for very busy New Mom’s. I was able to present tips and techniques and answer everyone’s questions in a personal and casual atmosphere. I had a wonderful time at each of our sessions. I look forward to my next Beauty Session with Liz and the Best For Babies Mom’s!






Arianna Hufffington

Who is using Eve Pearl?

Arianna and Christina Huffington 

Arianna Hufffington

Here is a great article featuring Arianna and Christina  Huffington in a wonderful blog called, Into The Gloss. It was a treat to see that these amazing women are the Eve Pearl products that I love!

“Arianna Huffington: Unless I’m doing TV, I do my own makeup. It takes me about ten minutes every day. I use all of Eve Pearl‘s products-I met her when she was doing the makeup for the ladies of The View and I was on the show. Now she has her own line. I love supporting women who are branching out to be entrepreneurs, but I also love her products. She created this eye shadow palette called the Au Natural Eyes Palette. When I travel, that palette is all I need for day. At night, if you wanted to go darker, you can use a green or a black in the Ultimate Eyes Palette. I like to keep my makeup very simple. I don’t change or experiment; this is it. That’s my eye shadow; my blush is Eve Pearl, too.”

For the rest of this article and more quotes from Arianna click here. 


Are you brushing bacteria on your face with your make-up?

Brushing Bacteria On Your Face Daily?

Are you applying bacteria all over your face along with your make-up? Well, if you are not properly cleaning your make-up brushes on a regular basis, the answer is yes. Each time you use your brush, make-up is not the only thing that your brush is picking up. Think about the oil, bacteria and dead skin cells on your skin’s surface which get’s trapped in your brush, then transferred back to your make-up, leading to all kinds of possible skin problems.

The simple solution is to clean your brushes regularly. This does not have to be a long and drawn out process. There are anti-bacterial quick drying sprays available that clean brushes in a matter of seconds due to their high alcohol content. These are very convenient to use. Just a little spray on the brush and a wipe or two on a paper towel will suffice for a daily cleanse.

For a deeper clean, you can use a conditioning shampoo that you would use for yourself that gives a nice gentle cleanse, mixed with a drop or two of tea tree oil or anti-bacterial cleanser. You can combine your mixture with a little water in a small cup or bowl and swish the brush tip in the container. If your brush has a lot of cosmetic build up on it, ex- you have used a heavy cream foundation, you can soak the brush bristles for a few seconds, longer if need be. You won’t want to leave the brush in the solution for long as water can creep up into the handle causing bristles to fall out. Rinse under running water until the water runs clean and all the make-up and cleanser is gone. If however, the brush is extremely caked with make-up and not clean after the one rinse,you can pour a little of the solution into the palm of your hand, swish the brush around in the solution in your hand and rinse again. Once the brush is clean, squeeze the excess water out of the brush between your thumb and fingers and reshape. Then lay brush out flat on a paper towel with the bristles extending over the edge.

By washing your brushes regularly you will help keep your brushes bacteria free, reduce your risk of skin infection and increase the life of your brushes!

Judy and Eve Pearl in Vancouver at the IMATS

A Make-Up Trade Show?

Just as there are trade shows for cars, boats, travel and just about every other industry you can imagine, there is a trade show for professional make-up artists. It is called IMATS,  International Make-Up Artists Trade Show. It is held  annually in six locations around the world, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sidney,Toronto, and here in Vancouver B.C., in the Convention Centre.

There are exhibits, demonstrations and competitions held over two days. This event gives artists and industry professionals an opportunity to network, to see what’s new, and keep up education wise.

Eve Pearl, yes, the Eve Pearl from New York who founded Eve Pearl Cosmetics, had a booth at the last show and I had the pleasure of meeting her! She was on hand working her magic on lucky women with wonderful before and after make-overs.

It always is a very busy and exciting time at the Convention Centre. I look forward to it every year!


Photo of Talia's Closet Seven Oaks Mall

Inspiring Founder of Talia’s Closet

Hello Friends,

I want to share the story of an incredibly inspiring woman with you, Linda Anderson. I was both impressed and inspired only knowing a little about her life. She would never blow her own horn, so I will do a little of that for her.

She didn’t have it easy being a single parent for many years. Money was tight. She told me that she has always tried to keep busy despite facing adversity, but her faith has seen her through a lot.

 In her forties, hopes of finishing college to become a councilor were dashed when she developed severe eye problems. When that was sorted out, she went to college and became a care aid. She found this to be a very satisfying career for many years as Linda loves helping people. She continued on until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. As they investigated a little further, doctors found that Linda had also had a stroke and started to develop glaucoma. All this in the space of three years, along with a hysterectomy and the removal of her thyroid. Linda missed the busy life she once had. She and her sister would talk about idea’s that she could do to help people with no funding. Then, when her sister passed away, as Linda says,” it really brought me to my knee’s, I knew it was time to do this.” After facing such adversity, a lot of us would not be thinking of others. Just physically, never mind emotionally, Linda had gone through so much. It would have been easy to take a step back. Even wallow a little.

What Linda did was start something called Talia’s Closet. A true labor of love. Linda explained to me how when she was a single parent, prom was a huge financial burden. She believes that most people want the best for their children and she wanted to give back. Talia’s Closet accepts donated prom dresses and gives them to graduating girls. She literally hand washes and cleans them. then hand steams them in her bathroom at home, one by one. The care and attention that she gives to each dress is amazing. Linda says that the community has been extremely generous. Talia’s Closet has grown from 10 dresses to 200 in 3 years. Also, they accept accessories as well. When I visited their location, on the second floor, at #209 in the 7- Oaks Mall in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada, I noticed shoes, jewelry, purses, and just about anything else you could imagine a girl would need for prom. I also noticed that there were tux’s as well! The location is set up like a cute high end boutique! Just beautiful!

Photo of Talia's Closet Seven Oaks Mall

Last year Linda was nominated for an Abbotsford Charity Of The Year Award. I was so happy for her! To think of all the graduating students that have had beautiful gowns, because of Linda’s caring,  loving idea is truly heart warming!
Linda told Linda told me that her Dad passed away last year, but she said,” I was glad he knew I did this, hopefully, they are looking down and smiling.”
I’m  sure they are…
If you want to contact Linda you can email her at

ashley close up liquid liner judy d beauty

Long Lasting Liquid Liner

Long lasting liquid liner? Is that even possible? Well, the answer is yes! Not only is it possible, but it is here!

Developed by Eve Pearl herself, a five time Emmy award winning make-up artist, this liner has the finest tip I’ve ever worked with. It almost looks like a felt tip, but it is actually a super precise unique brush tip.

The super smooth ultra quick drying formula glides on first time, every time. You won’t have to shake the tube prior to use or wait for the liner to get to the tip before you can use it. No, not with this eye liner! Smudge proof means you can perspire, work out, it can withstand tears (both happy and sad) , you can touch your face and not worry about wrecking those fabulous cat’s eyes that you’ve created. This is truly my favorite liquid liner! For more info or to order click here.


Judy D


Well, here we are! My first blog post!
I am excited to go on this journey with you.
Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Judy Doduk and I recently went through some soul searching, asking myself “what do I want to do with my life?” And what it boiled down to, I want to help women.

I have always been a “make-up girl” – as evidenced by the old photo of me applying my mother’s lipstick at the age of 18 months.

My interest in make-up did not wane as I got older, but I channeled my creativity into graphic art in college. But once I was introduced to the beauty business, it was game over. I was hooked. Make-up artistry was the perfect marriage of my two loves.

Over the years I have loved being an integral part of helping women look and feel their most confident and beautiful.

With my esthetic background and many years of make-up experience, I want to share my professional tips and knowledge with you.

I’ll be updating the page regularly, and posting new information on a regular basis – so please stop by often.

Is there a beauty treatment or make up technique that you have always wondered about? Have you ever seen someone who looks so naturally beautiful you wonder “how do they do that”?

Do you have a beauty question? Well now you have a safe place to ask them. I would love to hear from you!

This is a place for you to visit, learn, share and know that you are always welcome here.

So, if you want to learn how to feel more beautiful – both inside and out – then you’ve come to the right place.


10 Things I Wish My Mother Told Me

1. You can set your eye liner pencil with a powder eye shadow to stop it from smudging and help it wear all day.

2. Your regular face wash is not meant to remove make-up. You need a make-up remover such as a cleansing milk or foam which have formula’s specifically designed to attract, dissolve and remove make-up.

3. If you use waterproof mascara, you must remove it with a formula designed to remove waterproof mascara. If waterproof mascara is not fully removed, it will dry out your lashes, causing them to break off and fall out.

4. Exfoliating is basically getting rid of the surface dead skin cells, chemically with various formulas or physically with scrubs, brushes, puffs or loofah type tools.

5. You will use a lot less foundation if you use a brush instead of a sponge or your fingers for application and achieve a wonderfully smooth finish.

6. Apply mascara after curling your lashes, that way the mascara will set the curl.

7. When applying face powder, use a downward motion, with the direction of the hair growth.

8. You can avoid ingrown facial hairs by tweezing in the direction of the hair growth.

9. You can avoid pimples (infected hair follicles) by using an anti-bacterial toner to disinfect the area before you tweeze and also to disinfect the tweezers as well.

10. Don’t forget to apply your facial moisturizer to your neck and decollete (chest) area also.

If you would like to come and see me in person, download my Testimonial Brochure and get $20 off your first consultation Here!