Judy D Beauty Visits Best For Babies

Liz  Kahle and I at The Best For Babies Program

Liz Kahle and I at The Best For Babies Program

I have always loved the lyrics from the John Lennon and Paul McCartney song “A Little Help From My Friends”. I have been fortunate to have received help from my friends, and to this day, remain grateful for that help.

Now that a few years have passed, I find myself in the fortunate position of being able to give. When I was looking for where I may be of some help, I came across the Abbotsford Community Services Best For Babies Program. I called Liz Kahle who heads up the program. I had heard of the program, but I really had no idea how extensive their program is, until I visited them.
The Best For Babies program offers three groups. One is for Expectant Mom’s and the other is for New Mom’s. They also have a South Asian group for Expectant and New Mom’s. What do they offer? Well, they meet weekly, where everyone is greeted with a smile in a supportive environment. Liz and her support team, including a male Father support worker, is on hand to teach the expectant Mom’s and Dad’s how to have a healthy pregnancy. They are there to guide them through the joys and struggles, and answer any questions about their new baby and parenting. Monthly cooking skills sessions are held. Also monthly, a public health nurse attends to answer any questions. Breastfeeding support is available, pre-natal vitamins are provided at no cost, along with food vouchers. Baby clothing received as donations are provided. When I was there, a local maternity shop gave items, and the group was told about an upcoming event that local trendy stores were donating new items to. Liz and her team, were there to help register the Mom’s for other local community resources such as the New Beginnings School Completion Program, Food Bank, B.C.Doula’s and help with a free recreation center pass to help with enrolling in various government programs.
What happen’s during these session’s? Well, I was fortunate enough to attend three of them, as I offered three Beauty Sessions. Two of the Beauty Sessions I hosted was for the Expectant Mom’s and one was for the New Mom’s. As everyone enters the big room, with big comfy couches and chairs, there is a lot of chatting, familiarity and smiles. As everyone settles, the chairs are all arranged in a circular formation around the room. We all introduce ourselves, and this weeks topic is, what we are doing to take care of ourselves. The answers varied from bubble baths to baking. It was a great reminder to take that extra time before the baby arrives, and for the New Mom’s, to take advantage of those few moments when they can. By the time we had finished going around the circle, the lovely aroma’s of a hot lunch permeated the room. We were treated to a homemade fresh meal cooked right there. It was delicious! After lunch, we had our Beauty Session.I designed it around the theme of the two things that the New Mom’s will not have once the baby is born. That would be time and sleep! With that in mind, one of the lovely Mom’s volunteered as my model for each of our sessions. We discussed skincare and had great interactive sessions. I demonstrated how to achieve a quick and simple long lasting make-up for very busy New Mom’s. I was able to present tips and techniques and answer everyone’s questions in a personal and casual atmosphere. I had a wonderful time at each of our sessions. I look forward to my next Beauty Session with Liz and the Best For Babies Mom’s!






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