Arianna Hufffington

Who is using Eve Pearl?

Arianna and Christina Huffington 

Arianna Hufffington

Here is a great article featuring Arianna and Christina  Huffington in a wonderful blog called, Into The Gloss. It was a treat to see that these amazing women are the Eve Pearl products that I love!

“Arianna Huffington: Unless I’m doing TV, I do my own makeup. It takes me about ten minutes every day. I use all of Eve Pearl‘s products-I met her when she was doing the makeup for the ladies of The View and I was on the show. Now she has her own line. I love supporting women who are branching out to be entrepreneurs, but I also love her products. She created this eye shadow palette called the Au Natural Eyes Palette. When I travel, that palette is all I need for day. At night, if you wanted to go darker, you can use a green or a black in the Ultimate Eyes Palette. I like to keep my makeup very simple. I don’t change or experiment; this is it. That’s my eye shadow; my blush is Eve Pearl, too.”

For the rest of this article and more quotes from Arianna click here. 


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